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Victor and the Breezespreader painting
Milagra painting
Chelsea’s Royal painting
The Amazing Straitjacket Escape painting
Break painting
Platinum Babies opening title
Texas Crew Productions logo
Apawstrophe Pet Sitting logo
Sports Tonight opening title
Noise Meter – NFL Jumbotron
Toy Company Icon Suite
Government Channel website
Your Vote 2012 opening title
Make Some Noise title – NFL Jumbotron
Circle Cat Games logo
Turf opening title
Kraft Sports Productions logo
Your Vote 2012 logo
Dr. Strangleclone game
Kraft Sports Production opening title
Patriots Today opening title
Mobile Manual Handling logo
Platinum Babies logo
12th Man title – NFL Jumbotron
Amazing Wedding Cakes logo
Anti-Angiogenesis Cancer Treatment Animation
How’d They Do That? opening title
Government Channel opening title
Patriots Today logo
Amazing Wedding Cakes opening title
How’d They Do That? logo
Berklee College of Music – Art History “Restoration” learning module
“How’d They Do That?” – Review Episode